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Reading Success Plan (RSP) Resources

Reading Success Plans

Missouri Statute Section 167.645, RSMo (5B 681) requires school districts to conduct a foundational reading assessment as well as a dyslexia screener annually. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has approved iReady as a Missouri Foundational Reading Assessment and dyslexia screening tool.  

Missouri's Foundational Reading Assessment helps identify students who may have some reading difficulties. Students are assessed using iReady in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. The results of the assessment will help identify students who need a Reading Success Plan (RSP).

If students are identified as at risk or having substantial reading deficits, a Reading Success plan will be created to identify improvement areas. This is a detailed plan on how we will support students in reading in the classroom and in reading intervention groups. Once identified, teachers and reading interventionists can provide instructional support targeted to student needs, monitor student progress, and adjust instruction as needed.

Picture in our timeline for the Reading Success Plan process. Families can access at-home reading resources at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be involved in creating my child’s RSP?

  • The Classroom teacher, Admin, and Reading Interventionists will work together to create a personalized plan for your child and will have it ready to share at the end of October.

Does this mean my child will be getting Reading Intervention Services? 

  • Not necessarily. Some kids may qualify, but an RSP does not guarantee reading intervention.

  • Unless otherwise informed, the classroom teacher will fulfill the student’s reading success plan.  ​

How did my child qualify for an RSP?

  • All students took the iReady assessment in September. They were also given a fluency task in a one-on-one setting with their teacher. 

  • A combination of iReady scores, Lexicile level, and Fluency task scores was used to determine whether an RSP was needed. 

How long will my child have this plan?

  • This will be an ongoing plan for the entire school year. We will monitor progress every 2 weeks to check your child’s growth.

  • If a student reaches their learning goals, it is possible for them to exit their reading plan. However, they may only exit their RSP if their progress monitoring assessments show that they have mastered those skills and their Spring Diagnostic proves this mastery

What can I do to help my child now?

  • There are RSP resources for parents on the district website, listed below.

Does this mean my child has dyslexia?

  • Not necessarily. Qualifying for an RSP does not automatically mean your child is flagged for dyslexia. Part of the iReady screener is flagging characteristics that can be similar to dyslexia; however, it can not diagnose dyslexia. 

  • If your child is flagged for dyslexia through the iReady screener, that does not mean they definitely have dyslexia. We can not diagnose dyslexia; we can only identify characteristics that are parallel to those of dyslexia.


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